CO2 Neutral Full Melbourne F1 Race For 1 Car


Forest-based absorption of CO2 comparable to 1 lap of the Melbourne circuit at race pace.

The most efficient cars were the diesel Hybrid LMP1 Hybrid cars. These cars were extremely fast, but because of the very efficient hybrid system, they managed to complete a lap on 1,8 litres of diesel, which is equivalent to 4.8 kg of CO2.

The least efficient cars are the GT3 cars. They use around 3.54 litres of gasoline on the 5,3 km long lap of the Albert Park circuit. That is equivalent to 8,5 kg of CO2.

For the sake of simplicity and transparency, we calculate 8 kg of carbon per lap.

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It is important to understand, that we can not solve the global warming problems by planting trees alone. But trees can completely change an ecosystem and provide shelter for many species of animals. Apart from humans, trees are the biological lifeforms that change the planet most significantly. A complete lack of trees usually means you are in a desert.

One tree absorbs on average 20 kg of carbon per year and has a 50-year lifespan. This removes approximately 1 ton of CO2 from the air during the 50 years. But it is important what the tree is used for after it’s life is over.  And most importantly it is made sure that the tree is not used for firewood.

You don’t just plant a tree.
You make the change for a greener world till the end of life of the tree.
It is actually doing and not being a part of ‘doing for the sake of doing.

Handling the planting tending and surveillance of the trees is Global GGW. If you want to know more about Global GGW visit

The trees planted by Global GGW cost around 80 € per tree. You can get far cheaper solutions, but you will have no guarantee that the trees you bought will actually grow to maturity and not be chopped down early and used for firewood or simply just burned away to secure more farming land. Global GGW makes sure the trees grow to full maturity and that the trees don’t end their life in ways that will return the CO2 to the air.

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