Absorb Race Lap CO2 With Global GGW and Racing for Green

We are very happy to announce, that our first CO2 absorption solution is ready. You can now buy CO2 absorption equivalent to the CO2 produced by race cars lapping the Le Mans circuit.

This has been set in motion together with our new partner Global GGW and their quality tree planting initiative.

A tree absorbs on average 20 kg of CO2 per year, and the trees have an expected lifespan of 50 years. Each tree is expected to absorb 1.000 kg of CO2 in its lifetime.

The price of a tree and tending including surveillance to make sure the tree is not cut down illegally or used for firewood is approximately 80€ including taxes.

And this is what is special about the Global GGW solution. The trees will not be cut down or used in ways that will directly release the CO2 in the atmosphere again.

Each time you buy a lap, you will become a co-owner of a tree in the project.

You don’t just plant a tree. You make the change for a greener world till the end of life of the tree. It is actually doing and not being a part of ‘doing for the sake of doing”

– Fanny Posselt, Global GGW CEO

If you want to know more about Global GGW, visit https://www.globalggw.com/




Global GGW